Landscaping around our homes is typically thought of as starting in the spring, peaking in the summer, and fading in the fall. However, your property doesn’t have to become dull and boring as the weather cools. Here are a few ways to update your landscaping for fall.

Use Trees to Update Your Landscaping for Fall

Flowers in the springtime and bright green leaves and a lush lawn in the summer are beautiful. But as the seasons change, you want to keep your property interesting and attractive.

A long-term option to make your fall landscape special is to add colorful trees. Maples provide bright, vibrant colors before dropping their leaves to the ground. Sweetgum trees, dogwood, and ginkgo trees are other popular options for color.

If you dislike the stark, bare look of trees after the leaves fall, consider also planting evergreens. They maintain their green all year long, giving you privacy and providing interest and beauty in the gray days of winter.

Add Bold Orange Color

There is probably no more universal fall color than orange. The natural color of changing leaves and pumpkins are just right for fall. Plant marigolds and mums to add color to your landscape. Other great flowers for fall include Dusty Miller, some varieties of dahlias, cosmos, and pansies.

Perennials will add to your fall landscape as well. Hydrangeas are also a beautiful summer plant that provides color as the temperatures begin to drop. You can complement the orange shades of fall with the blue of Bluebeards and balloon flowers. Add yellow with goldenrod or coreopsis.

Keep the Lawn Healthy

Another effect of cooling temperatures is browning grass in your landscape. Summer species like Bermuda grass will give up the green at the first cold snap, but fescue grasses can extend their growing season into the fall with proper maintenance.

Take care of your lawn now to boost it for next spring and summer. Apply a slow-release fertilizer to strengthen roots and sustain fall growth. You’ll be mowing a little later into the season, but you’ll see healthier grass next spring.

Update Your Landscaping for Fall with Colorful Veggies

One surprising option for boosting your landscaping is vegetables. There are several varieties of vegetables that provide color as the growing season comes to an end.

Swiss chard is a vegetable that is underutilized at all times of the year. Not only does it add flavor to a meal, but its striking color will also enhance your landscape. Plants like cabbage are a great way to add color around your home, and it looks great on a dinner plate too! Planted in late summer, arugula, spinach, mustard, and kale will add green to your gardens.

Your lawn in fall doesn’t have to be dull browns and grays. Try the easy ways outlined in this article to add interest to your landscape as the seasons change.

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