When you’re building a new home you get input on the design of the house. You have a lot of decisions to make when working with a builder. As you make plans and choose the layout, design, appliances, and fixtures, here are a few features to customize your new home

Before you create a specific list, have a basic idea of what would be most functional for you. For instance, you might want extra storage space wherever it can be worked into the design. Having a general idea of what you want in a home will make it easier to write a detailed list to discuss with your builder.

Customized Shelving

If one of your top preferences is storage, customized shelving is a great feature to include in your new home. Install built-in shelving in the living room and bathrooms. Talk to your builder about built-in bookcases, shelving under a stairway, or a multi-media unit in your living room.

Choose Higher Ceilings to Customize Your New Home

Higher ceilings create an open, roomy feeling in a home. A full-size basement, on the other hand, is a great choice if you plan to use this area as an extension of your home’s living spaces. Discuss both of these features with your builder during the initial planning phase since they’ll have to be factored in from the beginning. Your garage can be expanded as well to allow for more storage space.

Non-Basement Laundry Room

There is no need to haul the laundry from the basement to upstairs. When you’re building your new house, choose a more convenient location for the laundry room. From placement just off the kitchen to adding a dedicated room with a sink and windows for natural light, there are many possibilities to create a functional, easy-to-access laundry area.

Customize Your New Home with a Mudroom

If you have children and pets, plan a mudroom to help keep your home cleaner. What’s also great about a mudroom is the flexibility you’ll have with size. Even a smaller, closet-sized room is useful when you add accessories like benches with built-in storage, shelves or cubbies, and wall hooks.

Design a ‘Smart’ Home

Smart technology adds convenience to your new home by allowing you to control features from your smartphone. Homeowners appreciate the potential for added energy efficiency, comfort, and security. Even the appliances you choose for your new home can be smart. Some possibilities include:

• Smart thermostats
• An app-controlled sprinkler system
• A wireless home intercom
• Smart doorbells and door locks

Regardless of what new home features you choose, be sure to consider how they will impact a future sale. Combine your preferred features with those appreciated by potential buyers. Build your home with energy-efficient windows, a large primary bedroom and walk-in closet, and hardwood flooring.

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